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STUDIO DAYS 4/5: Wrapped up the bulk of our first 3 songs for the new EP: The Outside/Teen Wreck/Saint de Paix! Back to pre-production for 2 more songs now.

STUDIO DAY 3: Zach tracks guitars in white denim; refuses spaghetti for lunch. Thanks to Studio at the Farm for caring about these recordings as much as we do. Your support and time means a lot to us!

STUDIO DAY 2: Joey makes only the best of drum tracks, we cry crystal tears since it’s his last day with us, and Kevin harnesses the hooligan spirit of Manchester, England.

STUDIO DAY 1: Joey returns to play drums for the EP, and a 1967 Ludwig drum kit arrives in a time machine with a note from Wyld Stallyns.

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Hi friends,

 I’ve been in pre-production with Sunset Electrics, so that’s where all the time and effort has been going recently. So far, I’m falling in love with the new sound. Probably best described as the punk and rhythmic elements of Joy Division with the melancholy beauty of Band of Horses. We’ll be in the studio the 18th-22nd, and then again sometime in June. Time to do this!  -ZjD

Our on and off work space for the next few months. It’s an old converted farmhouse ran by two really genuine dudes named Jesse and Casey. We really lucked out on this one, and are excited to get to work!

The EP is back on track with TJ and Kevin bringing their magic to the mix.

Introducing Kevin Baker! Music is ”Golden State” by Delta Spirit.

Introducing Kevin Baker” video will be posted tomorrow night! It’ll be on our Facebook page as well as our Tumblr.

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Shooting the “Introducing Kevin Baker” video this week. Join us as we meet this fascinating and inspiring gent.

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TJ's in the hospital. He'll live though.

  • TJ: Am I gonna die?
  • Doctor: Uhhh...we're not allowed to use that word in the ER.
  • Arizona sunset from tonight. (Non-enhanced photo by our friend Toby Thompson)

    TJ Friga by David Blakeman